What is the HDR-2005 ?

The HDR-2005 is a simply homebrew DC receiver for approximate 300 kHz to 30 MHz. It is a direct conversion receiver with I/Q quadrature sampling detector. Most of the parts are from my junk-box. I build it only for my privat pleasure (hobby) and not for commercial use.

Why I built the HDR-2005 ?

My hobbies are gardening, mountaineering and last but not least the homebrewing of receivers.
2003 I did an internet search concerning new receiver designs and technologies. I found a lot of articles about the work from Dan Tayloe, Gerald Youngblood and many others. However 2004 I then built an other receiver and experimented with the so called H-mode mixer. In 2005 the quadrature sample detectors took my interest again and so I started to build a receiver similar the SDR-1000, but without software or DSP. SDR is a great concept but I want to build a pure hardware receiver - the Hardware Definded Radio 2005 (HDR-2005). Now I am a ham aspirant (amateur radio operator) and study in the meantime for my examination (ham radio license) because I saw that many great receivers are designed by OMs and I noticed the ham spirit. My technical university and former technical school education is an additional background for my hobby.

Since 2010 I am myself an OM with the callsign OE3HBW. My suffix is HBW (homebrewer)- what else?

Copy the HDR-2005 ?

Yes, feel free to copy my concept, but I liable by no means for your possible misfortune. My knowhow coming from many people and the receiver principle is not my invention. I am grateful for all my suppliers of ideas.

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