Home-made General Coverage Receiver - HGCR (10 kHz - 30 MHz)

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With this home-made receiver I learned very much from engineers of the past century. My homebrew creed was "old knowhow combined with modern building stones". Many premium receivers from the era of the great analogue receivers were studied by me as models. In relevant forums, some RF experts became aware of my work and supported me with their expertise. Cordial thanks considering that!

The receiver covers the frequency range from a few kilohertz to 30 MHz. Most of the modules are designed as 50-Ohm modules. Within certain limits (level plan and so on), each module can be planned, built, measured and improved on its own. Important requirements were a high large-signal immunity (high intercept points, low phase noise and so on) and contrary along with it a good sensitivity, selectivity, narrow-band operation, low intrinsic noise and of course the availability and processability of components. A relevant point was also the existing hobby measuring equipment.

Not all challenges could be solved as a hobby self-builders and the receiver will probably never be completely finished, there is always something to improve...

Provisional I publish - a little bit disorderly - my working process without further comments. An accurate description with more details follows. And in addition a tip off: It's all carefully thought out, but I think it's not an beginner or a weekend project - be warned folks...


Block Diagram and Units

Block diagram
Units overview
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Schematics of the moduls

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Pictures of Prototypes

RX design
Early stage
Input filter
First mixer
Early test
IF amplifier
Test configuration
First IF unit
Second converter unit


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