Bits and Pieces - Krimskrams

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Air-dielectric Variable Capacitor

»   Variable Capacitor


»   Selfmade Circuit Boards

LT5517 tests

»   IQ Mixer Experimental Board

Mechanical Filter

»   Collins 455 kHz Filter

RF Toroidal Cores

»   RF Iron Powder Toroidal Cores

Vintage Quartz

»   Vintage Telefunken Quartz

Coil Inductance

»   Coil Inductance Calculation

Corona Photograpy

»   Corona Discharge Images

Tube/Valve Literature

»   Tube Literature

MCU Programmer

»   DIY μC Programmer

Wien-Bridge Osc

»   Wien-Bridge Oscillator

Tuner PLL

»   Test a LC72136N PLL

AM Modulator

»   AM Modulator - Test Transmitter

Unijunction Transistor

»   Unijunction Transistor

Breakout Boards

»   Use of breakout boards

Breakout Boards

»   Earthquake Surveys

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